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Astra Rafael Communication System opens facility in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Aug 27 (PTI): Astra Rafael Communication System (ARC), a joint venture between Astra Microwave Products Ltd and Israel-based Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd, inaugurated its state-of-the-art facility here on Tuesday.

The joint venture (JV), set up on a 51:49 per cent basis with all regulatory approvals, is in line with the 'Make in India' initiative and would invest in high-end technology and advanced production techniques to design, develop and make state-of-the-art tactical communication ... systems for the Indian armed forces, managing director Astra Microwave Products Ltd S Gurunatha Reddy told reporters here In terms of areas of operations, the venture would do something for defence communications,specifically in the manufacture of software-depend radios to start with and later on graduate into development of various equipment for the defence communications and also get into electronic warfare and signal intelligent system, he said.

As of now, both the JV partners have invested Rs 35 crore and would invest more as it goes forward, Reddy said. Initially, ARC would focus on the domestic market and over a period of time exports would be considered, he said. We have an order of USD 30 million as of today from Rafael. And this order will be executed in the next 24 months," he said. Cabinet Minister (former Union Minister of State for Home) G Kishan Reddy who formally inaugurated the facility said he, on behalf of the Centre, would extend all the support for ARC, which is expected to create more jobs in future.
Israel and India has long relationships and share common goal of elimination of terrorism.

Rafael Places $30 Mn Order to ARC

Contract to supply Indian Air Force with BNet Software-Defined Radio

Yelahanka, Bangalore. 21 February 2019. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems CEO, Major General (ret.) Yoav Har-Even, presented Chief Operations Officer of ASTRA RAFAEL COMSYS PVT LTD (ARC), Brigadier Ravi Hariharan with a $30 million purchase order for the manufacture, test-before-integration, and lifecycle support management for a complete set of the BNet Software Defined Radio system for the Indian Air Force.
This order is the first contract for ARC, the joint venture between Rafael and India’s Astra Microwave Products Ltd... Rafael has participated in Aero India since its inception, and, like in past years, will present a number of its world-class defense solutions throughout Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has a rich history of collaboration with India’s defense industries, resulting in multiple joint ventures, subsidiaries, as well as fruitful information sharing.

These partnerships, over the past two decades, have led Rafael to invest over $250 million dollars in the country through its “Make in India” initiative.

In 2017, Rafael was awarded a contract to supply the BNet advanced Software-Defined Radios (SDR) to the Indian Air Force (IAF). ARC will manufacture and integrate these advanced radio systems onboard IAF aircraft, allowing for the digital exchange of tactical information. As a force multiplier, the systems will enable IAF pilots to engage the enemy beyond visual range, without being detected by their on-board sensors.

Speaking at the ceremony, MG Har-Even emphasized ARC’s commitment to the operational readiness of the Indian Air Force (IAF) radio network. “We at Rafael are proud of our role – not only in ARC- but also of our participation in Make in India, and our strong relationship with the vibrant talent across India’s defense industry. As we mark this important milestone, we look forward to celebrating many more milestones with Astra Microwave Products as well as with our many other partners within India.”

The Israeli ambassador Mr. Ron Malka said during the ceremony: “I am proud of the Israeli industries who are a shining example of making in India, with India, for both countries. You are contributing to the strategic partnership between India and Israel and I hope to see your success replicated in many more fields of cooperation in our growing partnership”.

In 2013, as part of the Make in India initiative, Rafael paired with Astra Microwave Products LTD to form ASTRA RAFAEL COMSYS PVT LTD (ARC). ARC looks at opportunities for indigenous production and supply of strategic electronics in the form of system and subsystems in the high technology domain of Tactical Communication Systems, Electronic Warfare and SIGINT. Located in Hyderabad, India, ARC employs roughly 200 local technical experts, and is a 49:51 shareholding in favor of Astra Microwave.

Additionally, Rafael entered into a Joint Venture with Kalyani Strategic Systems, forming KRAS – Kalyani Rafael Advanced Systems, in 2017. KRAS is able undertake the integration and testing of equipment as per Mil Standards for weapon systems used for airborne applications. Additionally, it works towards developing weapon systems required by the Indian Defence Forces, as well as for export. Keeping with its commitment to Make in India, the partnership is a 49:51 division in favor of the Indian partner. KRAS is expected to employ roughly 250 technical experts by the year 2023.

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