ARC’s aims to respond to opportunities for indigenous production and supply of strategic electronics in the form of systems and subsystems in the chosen high technology areas.

As on date, ARC is undertaking full-fledged operations with its personnel, largely comprising of skilled technical manpower and engineering experts with plans to provide employment. A technical team in ARC is trained for installation of Automatic Test Equipment in 1:1 and 1:4 configuration as also for actual production activities to be carried out under license from Rafael.

The ARC facility is a significant step in empowering the Indian Armed Forces both under MoD and MHA, be a building block for creation of a strong Defence Industrial Base with potential for employment generation, global exports and forge the way for an indigenous ecosystem in support of Make in India and mission “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

In addition, ARC will be having the capability to be a maintenance hub for SDRs during the post-delivery phase in any contract for any of the services or DRDO.

The entire SDR project enables several cutting-edge technologies being transferred to India, enabling skill development in areas such as SDR manufacture, assembly, integration, platform integration, precision electro-mechanics and advanced electronics etc.

The project enables ARC to undertake potential future upgrades and maintenance of the system (up-to D-Level) in India, thereby making India completely self-reliant for this critical operational requirement.

It is pertinent to note that technology transfer for the mentioned indigenous vendor competencies have already been fully carried out and accordingly been sourced by these suppliers to ARC for Phase 1 of the IAF SDR project, making the SDR over 80% indigenous.

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